Forex Trading for Newbies Review

Is the Forex Trading for Newbies guide a scam? This guide has been created to help beginner aspiring FX traders make their first regular income from currency trading. It is mostly focused on teaching top down price analysis skills to first determine the real and more significant long term market trends.

1. What Are Some Skills You Can Expect to Learn From Forex Trading for Newbies?

Every Forex trader, regardless of how technical he or she wants to be, should first understand the general fundamental picture of eevery currency pair before relying on any technical indicators to chart. After I have determined the general trends, I will use the technical indicators provided with the downloadable package to position trade or scalp any long term moving trend or reversal patterns.

2. What Are Some of the Custom Indicators and Chart Templates You Can Get as a Member of Forex Trading for Newbies?

The custom technical indicators that members will receive are the same ones that are demonstrated on its website on its live trading examples. In total, this video based Forex training course contains about 4 hours of video materials. Other useful tools that I have found are the custom chart templates. These have been very helpful in charting and significantly reduce the amount of analysis I have to do.

3. Will The Forex Trading for Newbies Manual Work For You?

The high liquidity nature of the markets allows traders to easily get in and out of positions; therefore anyone with a consistent strategy will have a chance of making money from trading Forex. However, one should keep in mind that the average individual traders like you and I are very different from big commercial traders like banks and hedge funds. These large funds trade for the government and other large corporations and deal with millions of dollars, thus it would be wise not to trade against them when they are making a move.